Elders who work closely with Ninastako can come to your classroom to tell legends, share aspects of our history, talk about the herbs we have always used, and answer questions from the children. In the summer camps, these elders will teach the children how to make bannock and pemmican, how to identify plants, and how to erect a tipi. In a gentle way, they demonstrate to our children some of the best qualities of our people: cooperation, patience, and wisdom.

This page is dedicated to three elders who often went to the schools and shared their knowledge with young people: Katie Wells, Margaret Hindman, and Annie Day Chief. They also served as Ninastako Board Members for several years. They are truly missed.

To book these Cultural Sessions, please call 403.737.3774 or complete the form below.

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The Ninastako Blackfoot App!

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  • Conversational Blackfoot. Learn basic Blackfoot through words, phrases and audio
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  • Pow Wow Trail. Learn when and where the pow wows are being held
  • Blackfoot Challenge. See how many Blackfoot words you know through our quiz and much more…

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Ninastako Blackfoot Language Resources

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  • Learn hundreds of Blackfoot words and phrases with the Conversational Blackfoot 
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