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Drumming & Singing Lessons

To find out more information about our drumming and singing classes call 403.737.3774 or fill out the form below…


Drumming & Singing Lessons

To find out more information about our drumming and singing classes call 403.737.3774 or fill out the form below…

If you like watching a warrior searching for an enemy, the evolution of the Traditional Dancer, from several tribes (Plains, Sioux, Blackfoot, Crow) is for you.

A Traditional Dancer wears a roach of porcupine and deer tail hair. The roach spreader can be made of bone, metal, rawhide or leather and may be carved, beaded or painted. A choker, two bandoliers of hair pipes, beads and a vest complement beaded or metallic armbands. A cloth or leather breechcloth is decorated with a beaded belt.

Most Traditional Dancers wear knee bands, with fringes, along with angora “furs” around their ankles. When they wear leggings, they also wear bells round their knees. These leggings were protection when the warriors went into battle. Fully or partially beaded, moccasins are worn. Traditional Dancers wear a bustle, with two spikes. The dancer carries a wing fan or dance stick.

The Traditional Dancer will dance and move in time to the beat of the drum. Watch for movements to the side and listen to the bells.

If you love bright colours and true feather-like dancing, the Women’s Ladies Fancy Shawl will be your favourite.

Like many dancers, the Women’ Fancy Dance comes from the northern tribes along the US and Canadian borders.

Women Fancy Dancers wear a dress, matching leggings and shawl, with complex designs, and beadwork, with long fringes hanging from the shawl. Often, they have complementary hairpieces and jewelry.

Their shawls are the focal point when Fancy Dancers dance at a pow wow. They dance and spin, stepping ever-so-lightly in time to the drumbeat. They twirl and spin, with their shawls waving in the air. Some say they mimic butterflies in flight with their light-footed steps.

If you like quiet elegance, the Women’s Buckskin, one of the oldest forms of dance, is for you.

The ladies wear handcrafted buckskin dresses, decorated with intricate bead designs. Northern dresses are fully beaded on the shoulders, sometimes called a cape. On southern dresses, the beadwork is mainly used to accent. They carry a beaded purse and a shawl, folded on their arm.

Their jewelry is breath taking. Breastplates made from hair bone pipe and glass beads can hang to the waist, or all the way to the ankles. Northern dresses usually have fully beaded yokes, while Southern dresses have appliqué beadwork.

Hair barrettes are hand-beaded, and beaded pieces in their hair can be very intricate. Their moccasins are either fully beaded (Northern) or accent beaded (Southern).

Women’s Buckskin Dancing is slow and graceful. Circling the drum, swaying to the rhythm of the drum, the women let the long fringes on their sleeves sway to the beat.

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