Napi Legends

Dear Teachers

Ninastako Cultural Centre, located on the Blood Reserve, is proud to present this collection of teaching/learning materials for your learners to use with their digital copy of the book, Napi Legends, featuring Willie White Feathers and compiled by Dr. Helen Manyfingers.

Here are the options available to you:

– Purchase the book from

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– Visit Ninastako Cultural Centre

FREE! Puzzle and game downloads from the book:

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Blackfoot word searches & Crossword Puzzles


Colouring Page


Jigsaw puzzles

Puzzle # 1

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3


Blackfoot Word Translations


Interactive puzzles

Interactive Blackfoot Puzzle #1

Interactive Blackfoot Puzzle #2


Word scrambles

Word Scramble #1

Word Scramble #2


Puzzle Animation

We are so proud to bring these materials to you to enrich your instruction around First Nations’ culture. Please give us a call if you have specific request.

Currently, we are working on publishing over 50 legends, with accompanying teaching/learning materials. We have original stories told in Blackfoot by six elders, talking about their lives many years ago.

Contact us for more information and updates.