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Posting Research Student summer 2018 Intake Worker Job Posting 2018 Administrative Assistant - KTCS-Job Ready Program Career and Employment Practitioner #2 Addiction Counselor Job Posting 2018 FinanceAdmin Job Posting 2018 (4) (1) Part-time Custodian Sr. Acct. Job...

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New Release-Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools

  Author Pamela Toulouse is an Anishinabe educator highly sought after speaker and motivator.  Her new book, Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools, provides current information, personal insights, authentic resources, interactive strategies and lessons plans...

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Ninastako Learning Resources Now Available


The Ninastako Blackfoot App!

App Features:

  • Conversational Blackfoot. Learn basic Blackfoot through words, phrases and audio
  • Blackfoot Surnames. Learn the history and meanings of Blackfoot surnames. Audio pronunciation included
  • Pow Wow Trail. Learn when and where the pow wows are being held
  • Blackfoot Challenge. See how many Blackfoot words you know through our quiz and much more…

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Ninastako Blackfoot Language Resources

A perfect introduction to the Blackfoot Language

  • Learn hundreds of Blackfoot words and phrases with the Conversational Blackfoot 
  • Read and listen to Blackfoot legends (English text, Blackfoot text and Blackfoot voice over)
  • Test your knowledge with the Blackfoot Challenge
  • Download lesson plans for the Blackfoot legends (perfect for teachers)
  • Watch for new material updated regularly 
  • All memberships are good for 1 year (unlimited access and downloads)


Challenge your Blackfoot Knowledge


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